Chlorine bypass system

Volatile components such as chlorine,alkali and sulfur found in raw materials and fuels concentrate in the clinker production line circulation. This circulation often results in problematic coatings that  form low-melting point compounds and affects stable operation.

The cement industry has to expand the use of alternative fuels and raw materials (AFR) in order to protect the environment and resources and to make competitive production. Accordingly, the use        of AFRs has increased and the volume of volatile components, especially chlorine, in the clinker production line has also increased. Therefore, technology is needed to effectively remove chlorine from the clinker production line. Soma Industrial successfully implements Chlorine bypass technology by performing process analysis with its experienced engineers.

Alternative fuel

 SOMA INDUSTRIAL designs and implements the storage, dosing conveying of

alternative fuel materials efficiently without harming environment. 
Thus, it ensures that required by plants is operated economically. SOMA INDUSTRIAL 
designs and implements the storage, dosing conveying of alternative fuel materials 
efficiently without harming environment. 
Thus, it ensures that required by plants is operated economically. 

Cement terminals

Steel construction terminals offer the most advantages due to flexible design possibilities, low civil works requirements, short installation time and low investment costs. Depending on customer requirements, the design can consist of 3-10 steel silos with a capacity of 1000 to 3500 tonnes each for the storage of different kind of cement products. The silos are equipped with pneumatic and mechanical unloading systems that can be adapted to different diameters between 10- 15m and different capacities. The silos have a raised bottom for direct bulk loading into trucks or wagons with capacities up to 400 t/h.Terminal designs are designed by taking into account the emission values in accordance with the European Union legislation with dedusting.

Packing Plant

Cement packing facilities that require precision and accuracy. Each bag packed must be of the accurate weight and form. The amount of lost product should be minimised and it should be environmentally friendly facilities. SOMA INDUSTRIAL designs, manufactures, install and operates facilities with 2 or 10 truck loading lines.

Bulk Handling

Handling and storage of bulk requires experience. Reducing costs and implementing the right solutions is SOMA INDUSTRIAL speciality. It requires expertise to design facilities that earn back the investment cost in a short time by reducing operation and maintenance costs.


Soma Industrial develops innovative solutions in a wide range of steel and mechanical works, from small changes to large projects. Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, we create integrated solutions that are low-cost and meet environmental standards.

SOMA INDUSTRIAL is capable of fabrication a wide range of equipment. Quality control evaluates and reports according to international standards. EN, ASME, AEI, API, AWWA, GOST, DIN, TEMA. Fabrication is carried out by determining the processes in strict

accordance with the Inspection and Test Plan (ITP), Quality Control Plan (QCP) rules.

Fabrications are carried out in our own facilities with more than 150 employees and CNC equipped equipment.

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